Sep 24, 2008

October Nears!

Autumn is my favorite season, the leaves, pumpkins, crisp air, apples, and another perk is Halloween.
Halloween is such a magical day. From the decorations to costumes, candy to the cute cards, ! love it all!
I usually dress up as Snow White and hand out candy. I love the looks I get, it's either cool or what a crazy lady!
My favorite costume growing up was a fairy outfit that I made. Matt and I had just started dating, I rushed to Wal-Mart after school and got my fabric, pipe cleaners for wings, elastic, staples, and white tights.
I cut the fabric into strips, tucked and stapled it onto a belt. Shaped the pipe cleaners into wings and attached the elastic. Put on my tank top, tights, and new skirt and wings and whoa la! I was a really cute fairy!
Mom or myself normally made my costumes, it is so funny to look back. I think for 3 years in a row I was a hobo, I got hung up on him. I am sure Tiffany remembers him... she was always a cute princess or Barbie and here I was stuffing my dads clothes with pillows! Tiffany, thanks for still going trick or treating with me even if I did look really wierd and had some trouble getting in and out of the car!
Oh, fun times!
Tell me about your favorite costume growing up or a memorable Halloween.
And I will surprise my favorite story!

Happy Haunting!

Cat $30
Witch & Boo $25
(includes shirt)

Sep 23, 2008

Butterfly Birthday

Sweet Livia had a birthday! Her special aunt ordered a butterfly to go above her name and
I have already heard she loved it.
Thanks Donna!