Aug 15, 2009

trying to be green...

We go through lots of formula cans around my house, and every time I throw one away I think... There has to be something to use that can for? So, tonight it came to me... ta da!

I used scrapbook paper from Stampin Up! to cover the cans then cut 3-15/16 circles to line the inside bottom. I had to piece one spot on the outside of the can because my paper was not wide enough. Used my cute butterfly punch to make some finishing touches and I love it... Instant storage!
I hope to make enough of these to achieve a honeycomb pattern.
You could glue them together in a pyramid form and sit it on your desk, use them as gift containers, or pencil holders... possibilities are endless!

A very inexpensive way to decorate and you can feel like you're green!

Aug 5, 2009