May 29, 2008


In between my orders I am trying some new stuff, for the summer I want to do more animals, insects, etc. I started with this alligator and I love this little guy! I named him Bob, he is emerald, lime, and yellow with blue eyes, he has crystal teeth and claws and some pink in his mouth. I put him on a tote bag and he has went to a good home. I hope he gets to travel a lot, Meredith!


For the recidal Mitzi wanted a PDA Mom shirt, I surprised her with the little ballerina; I put her in the bottom corner of the shirt.

May 28, 2008

May 27, 2008

Go Freedoms!

Lauren requested shirts for she and Debbie to wear as they cheer on their favorite baseball player. He plays for the Florence Freedoms and the eagle was perfect.

I was more than happy to make these for you two. I hope you both enjoy them.
Thank you.

May 26, 2008

May 25, 2008


Wesley Hillis ordered some shirts for her daughter Bree, a friend Caroline, and one for herself.
I think they turned out great and I was so excited with the finished product. The pink tees are for the little princesses, the black is for the great mommy, and the white (my fav) is Bree's. I used different color stones so she could wear it with anything. I used pink, aqua, and peridot.

Wesley, Thanks and it was nice to get to know you through our many emails!

May 17, 2008

J.A. Queen

For the Junior Auxiliary Queen's out there.

May 15, 2008


This "L" is off to Smithville for a special teacher.

May 13, 2008

Chocolate and Pink

I made a boo boo! I put the wrong letter on the wrong shirt! But aren't these so pretty!
These were ordered through Memories for a Bride whose wedding colors were chocolate and pink. I will be doing more in chocolate and pink... i love it.

By the way...I corrected my mistake and had the shirts to her in time.
I have sold the "L", but if anyone needs a pink tee with a chocolate "A" size 8-10 girls.... it is at Memories or email me. :)

Happy Birthday

Gracie was having a birthday so, her sweet mom Michelle surprised her with a sparkle "Birthday Girl" shirt. I was fortunate enough to watch as she gave her the shirt...And she was surprised, Gracie gasped, hugged the shirt, and jumped up and down! I hope you had a fun birthday! Thanks, you made my day!

May 8, 2008

Mallory Montana

A tee and shorts for a girl who loves Hannah Montana.

Thanks Aunt Donna, I hope she feels a little rock star in her when she wears this.

Junior Auxiliary

This past weekend I was privileged enough to be able to attend the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries annual education conference in Birmingham. Eleven members from our local chapter made the trip. The ladies I met are incredible and the things they do are unbelieveable. I was in awe... from the charity balls to the playgrounds for special needs children; there is nothing that Junior Auxiliary women can't do.
JA active, associate, and life members, thank you for your long hours and time away from your families. Because of you, we make a difference!

I made up some shirts to take to Birmingham, this was my best seller. It has the a five point crown which represents Charity, Youth, Health, Leadership, and Service.
Ladies, Thanks for your orders.