Jul 29, 2009

My little man continues to do well. He weighs close to 13lbs now and jumped from the -3rd percentile to the 9th percentile in two months! His o2 is 84 to 86, which is right on the line and worrisome for me. I know we are creeping closer to his surgery, and in ways I want it to come and go, so we can become a normal family. BUT, I know the worrying roller coaster we are going to be on and it's not fun.
I just have to keep telling myself God has it under control and will see us through.
We go to see the cardiologist on the 11th and wi
ll set his surgery date then.

Here are some pics from tonight's cereal feeding and after his bath.
I have been getting the question "Are you still doing shirts?" The answer is yes! but if I take an order it is on the understanding that something could happen and my son would naturally come first. I have some things already made up (which I'll be posting) and I just have to know your size or what you want it on. I am excited about them and I hope you'll like them too!

Here's a peek...
Hot Pink Tote $19 ...I know a lot of teachers who deserve this!

Medium short sleeve tee with a crystal football $24 ...you can pick your shirt color...if this were mine or my family's it would be crimson!

Bride, Bridezilla, and Flowergirl $22

These pics did not turn out well... I need to take them during the day. My lighting was bad. :(
I will try to post more when I get them.

Email if you want me to put one of these back for you.

Thanks so much!