Dec 31, 2008

Happy New Year

As the New Year is upon us and I am catching my breath from Christmas. I have thought about all of the things I made in 2008. I thought about all the times I wondered "is this really going to look good?", "will they like it?" and of course all the times I got frustrated... because I spilt all those tiny rhinestones and had to pick them up one by one, when my hand would shake and I could not squeeze the tweezers anymore, when my eyes were crossing, and of course the most popular is, when I get mad because it isn't looking the way I want it to look. When that happens I put it down, probably make a frustrated grunt or scream noise, walk away, complain to my husband about some unrelated issue, and then I calm down and pretend I'm on Project Runway and hear Tim Gunn say "Make it work!". (Yes, I secretly want to be a designer on Project Runway and the only way I am going to get there is by pretending!) It may be a day or two later but, I go back to my table with a fresh outlook and I make it work.
I have made so many fun things for you this year and I have loved every one of them. I hope you enjoy wearing my eye candy as much as I love making it!

I am so blessed to have you all as friends and I look forward to what is ahead in 2009.

Here are some of my 08 fav's.

After a long hard 6th birthday

May you all have a healthy, happy, & blessed 2009!